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Our history

CREMS, Research Center in Economics and Management in Healthcare, was founded in 2003 by the will of a group of researchers, with the aim of providing consultancy in the health and social-health sectors through research activities on specific issues of business management and the economy sanitary.


The research work is carried out mainly through assignments by ministries, regional and municipal administrations, associations of doctors / nurses / patients, private companies, foundations.


Operating in particularly complex sectors, characterized by clinical-assistance, technological, organizational and economic financing problems, it carries out a constant and articulated activity of research, consultancy and technical assistance in the socio-economic field, carrying out over the years studies on the social, the economy and territorial evolution, intervention programs in the vital sectors of social reality: welfare and health, the territory and networks, economic subjects, developing specific studies concerning clinical governance, performance management and measurement and health technology assessment (HTA).


CREMS offers various personalized research and consultancy paths, designed for anyone who needs to rethink and improve their ability to meet people's health needs.


CREMS intervenes in the health and social-health sectors through research activities on issues of business management and health economics.

The Center operates in Italy and abroad with a multidisciplinary approach in naturally complex sectors due to the simultaneous presence of clinical-assistance, technological, organizational and economic aspects (primarily the issue of financing).

Clinical governance, performance management and measurement and health technology assessment are among the best practices and areas of specific interest that the Research Center has developed over the years, also through a formal agreement with the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and a network of collaborations that brings together institutions of excellence in their respective areas of expertise.

The director of CREMS, Davide Croce, is co-director of "Sanità Pubblica e Privata", a journal of law, economics and management in health care, published by Maggioli of Rimini.

For the same publishing house he also directs "MAPS - Management Magazine for Healthcare Professions", a quarterly dedicated to the multidisciplinary study of issues related to the world of organization and healthcare economics, which also contains a distance CME course.

Teachers and experts of the Center collaborate in the editing of the journals.


Research and studies in the main areas of business economics in the health and social-health sector (typically the management of health and social-health companies), as well as on topics specific to health economics (health policy, organization of health services and economic evaluation in healthcare).

In particular on the following topics:

Management for health and social-health facilities

  • performance management and evaluations
  • organization of services and facilities
  • process analysis and review
  • management control and benchmarking in the health and social-health fields.

Health economics

  • health policy and public governance system
  • budget impact analysis and impact assessment
  • evaluation of the performance of public systems
  • assessment of health technologies (HTA Health Technology Assessment).

Over the years, the Center has developed a considerable heritage of relationships recognized both nationally and internationally.

Among the agreements with the major institutions we mention: ISS - Istituto Superiore di Sanità and trade associations in the Italian health and social-health sector (Colleges IPASVI, FADOI, UNEBA, SIFO, National Federation of Colleges TSRM, AIFI, AIIC, UNPISI, AIMI ).

In terms of academic relations, the Center collaborates with: University of Florence, Vita University - Salute San Raffaele of Milan, University of Pavia, HSPH - Hanoi School of Public Health - Vietnam, CKM Centrum fur Krankenhaus-Management of Westfalische Wilhelms -Universitat a Munster – Germany, School of Public Health- University of Witwatersrand of Johannesburg in South Africa, Iéseg, Management Department – ​​Lille (FR), Shanghai Jiao Tong University – Antai College of Economics & Management.